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Pricing FAQs

I don't want to lose donors by switching my giving tool. How can you help?
We can reach out to your current processor and help migrate seamlessly, or we can just set it up for future gifts moving forward and ease into it over time.
Why do we need to charge transaction fees?
Transaction fees are standard for all giving platforms and rates will vary from partner to partner. Our rate structure and payment processing partner allows us to give you Tilma Giving for free. If you would like a more competitive rate, you can choose a rate that better meets your organization's needs and pay a simple monthly fee for your usage of Tilma Giving.
What kind of contract am I signing?
By using the platform, you agree to our terms and policies. If using Tilma Giving, you will have to enter into a merchant agreement with Clearly Payments as a Canadian ministry and Qualpay as a U.S. ministry.
What does it mean to use Tilma giving?
To use Tilma giving means to actively engage your people. We won't enforce monthly minimums. We understand every ministry situation is different. If you are a smaller organization that doesn't bring in a lot of giving, we have structured our giving in a way that doesn't limit your ministry. If we do notice that giving is extremely low or out of character, we will give you a call to talk about some ideas on how to inspire and engage your people.

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