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Discover more opportunities to serve your people.

Know and love your donors better
Make asks to the right people
Reduce administrative burdens
Grow your ministry capacity
Offer a great giving experience
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And all the other things you need to drive engagement.

Keeping Donor Data Safe
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Honours the donor's generosity
A giving journey that cares for the donors heart and helps inspire generosity.
Allocate to campaigns & funds
Get more flexibility by picking the specific gift you want to give towards.
Custom pledges
Offer giving options for bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, and more.
Creates easier admin workflow
The streamlined experience built for admins means they save time and cut down tedious tasks.
Donors can easily manage their giving
Donors save their giving information safely in their profile for easier edits and new giving. 
Export the data you need
Get the information you need based on any custom date range.
Multilingual options
Users have the option to translate giving pages into French or Spanish.
Industry Standard Security
Industry standard encryption and security practices for the upmost safety.
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Discover the power of Giving alongside the other Tilma solutions.


It’s more than giving but a chance to care for donors.

Get insight into the individual faith journeys of your donors, communicate in a more personal way, and help nurture your relationship for the long-term.

See the impact of Tilma Giving.

See why people love Tilma
"When the lockdown of churches first happened during the pandemic, we were blessed to have this great online mechanism in place to help us effectively communicate with our parishioners—mostly regarding online Masses, and also to enable our supporters to donate to our parish without physically coming to our church."
Catherine Kriekenbeek-Lee
St. Anthony of Padua

A giving experience made for everyone.

Access data and tools you need with ease and reliability.
Easily manage and maintain donor data.
No clunky forms.
Pull reports and send to the right people.
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Ministry Leaders
Implement more opportunities for ministry journeys.
Connect people to the right resources.
Make strategic decisions based on clean and actionable financial data.
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Set up your donor account with simple and helpful on-boarding.

Safe and secure credit card information.
Easy to manage personal giving.
Great giving experience for more completed & recurring gifts.

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Everything you need to make it a meaningful giving experience.

Easy giving.

Cash or Card

Take card payments or include cash donations with simple data fields and envelope tracking.

Schedule Giving

Parishioners can schedule their regular Sunday giving and then walk away without having to worry about adding it every week.  

Text to Give

(Coming Soon) Simplify giving with safe and secure texting, linked right to your tool.

Create special giving pages.

Custom Landing Pages

Build out your landing pages with headlines, photos, videos, and more.

See Giving Progress

Get a big picture on campaign trends at every step.

Promote Through Email & Homepage

Promote your campaign in an easy and accessible place for your parishioners to learn about.

Accepts Giving From Other Pages

Integrate other payment tools seamlessly into your campaign page.

Giving Funds

Allow donors to specify the destination of their gift, whether it's the general fund, building fund, etc.


Offer options to pledge and then follow up later on with a drip email campaign.

Things that make all the difference.

Easy and Effective

See your options, set your amount, and pay without leaving the site or having to add information you've already submitted to the parish.


View campaigns and donations right from your phone, whenever and wherever you are.

Great Admin Experience

Get access to the reports, giving history, and more from one, easy to manage dashboard.

Fee Transparency

Always know how much donations will be without sneaky fees being tagged on.

Keep things safe and secure.


Never lose your data and always keep it secure.

User-Based Permissions

Only the users who need to access parishioner giving will get be able to see this data.

Two-Factor Authentication

(Coming Soon) We prioritize keeping data as safe as possible and using two-factor authentication supports both the administrator and parishioner.

We Protect Your Data

We care deeply about the security and privacy of your data and Tilma uses industry standard encryption and security practices.

Secure Giving & Donations

PCI compliant transactions means you have the utmost security with all your payment information.

Update info with more efficiency.

Stored Payment Information

Parishioners can save payment information securely in their profile, simplifying any future giving.

Parishioners Manage Their Own Profile

Cut out tedious admin steps by having parishioners update their own payment information.

Recurring Subscriptions

Set automatic payments for less hassle.

Reports and receipts.

Automatic & Beautiful Tax Receipts

Run your reports with a few simple clicks and get parishioners a clean, understandable receipt.

View Giving History

See your high-level financial status or get a closer look during certain months, campaigns, etc.

Customize Fields For Reporting

Track the important data that is unique to your parish and build custom reports based on as many fields as you want.

Giving flexibility.

No Volume Minimums to Meet

Don't be limited by how much you're processing in order to use our giving tool.

Quick Donation Entry

Make manually entering contributions quick and painless.

Notes In Parishioner Profiles

Add a quick note to any parishioner around their giving.

Issue Refunds

Correct or fix giving amounts for parishioners.

Create & Edit Batch Donations

If it's important to your parish to do batch contribution tracking, we've got you covered.

Unlock your minsitry potential.

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